Meet Our New Thursday at 7:55pm U-Jam Teacher!

14787587_10104330885452640_1846302024_o    “My name is Nick. I’ve lived in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and now the Alberta District in the glorious city of PDX! I danced competitively among hip hop crews in college, which left a huge void in my life after graduation. I battled with my weight for several years and tried everything to keep it at bay, which is when I found Zumba. I was incredibly excited to find a format that appeased my goals through the movement of dance.
    After moving to the Bay Area, however, I noticed a number of unfamiliar dance fitness formats, one of which was U-Jam Fitness. It lured me in with a promise of urban funk and world beatz that resonated more strongly with my hip hop background; and I was hooked, line and sinker. No looking back. I’ve been an instructor for 3 years now, and have had the absolute privilege of learning from some of the best OG instructors in each of the last 3 cities I’ve been to.
    My class tends to be the one that requires you to bring the coconut water and orange slices, because I like to go HARD. Movement sets keep students grounded in posture, light on their feet, and intensely focused on the core. The music selection has variety (focusing on hip hop, Bollywood, K-pop, and dancehall), but the common theme of intensity and SWAG always holds. In my class, we keep it 100, give our all, and uphold my #1 rule: Just have fun!”

New Cut Paper Exhibit Featuring Christina Hart

follow Christina is a local artist specializing in fine hart3art paper cutting. As a self taught artist, she is armed with a multitude of small knife blades and heavy weight paper from which she cuts designs and illustrations. As bits of paper are cut away, the design begins to reveal the intricacy of her subject matter: whether is be leaves, flowers, or even particular interlacing lines that she sees flowing a certain way.

Her process begins with a sketch which is scanned and made digital. The scan is then cleaned up a bit, mirrored and rotated until she feels that she has an interesting image. The image is then printed out and the hand cutting begins.

Most of her favorite pieces tend to be the more compact designs that consist of many complex and intricate lines. She reveals that each of these designs requires an amazing amount of patience and time. The result of these pieces is incredibly stunning and provides a quiet reflection of the symmetry of nature. hart4