30 Day Challenge Recap

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30 Day Challenge Recap

For 2016 PulsePDX resolved to run our Drop and Give Me 30 group for a full year. This group consisted of monthly fitness challenges that took 5 minutes or less per day and could either be completed at home or by attending one of our strength classes. Over the course of 13 challenges we had over 200 people participate! While not everyone finished each challenge they began, we believe it encouraged everyone to think about their fitness just a little bit more throughout the month. Since it is the little daily behaviors that can have the most impact on our long-term health, we consider that a big win!

Each person that completed the challenge was then entered into a drawing for a free month of unlimited classes. Here are just a few of our winners.

Megan Matthews

Megan Matthews – I am crazy about the Pulse 30 Day Fitness Challenges!!!!  Winning a free month of unlimited classes was the absolutely best thing.  Pulse has consistently been a happy place for me, and I was so stoked to get to try so many types of classes.  I was committed to doing 1-3 classes a day. I’ve always been a Zumba fanatic but by having unlimited classes I was able to branch out to Pound, U-Jam, Melt, and one of my new favorites – Burn! It was exciting to challenge my body in new ways.  By the end of the month I felt like I was in great shape and my mood was entirely elevated.  Endorphins are real, folks!  I feel so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to take unlimited classes.  All thanks to an awesome 30 Day Challenge.  Thanks to everyone at Pulse for making a workout center one of my favorite places to be! Pulse magic is the best kind of magic.

Rachel Tomey

Rachel Tomey – I really enjoyed and looked forward to all of the 30 day challenges!  Having new exercises each month was a great way to keep the workouts fresh and to target different areas of the body. Being part of the monthly challenge group motivated me and helped me feel accountable for completing the exercises each day. I was super excited when I won the free month of classes and look forward to joining in on the challenges again soon.

Michelle French

Michelle French – I love the 30-Day Challenges! I liked that they did not take much time each day. I loved the sense of accomplishment I felt at the end of the month too (it was really evident with the planking – I remember thinking day 1, how am I EVER going to plank THAT long in 30 days). Winning the month was a bonus! It was nice to try out new classes. Thank you PulsePDX for making me feel special!



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