6 Months Later

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6 Months Later

Thank you for helping us to successfully reach the 6 month mark!

We never could have imagined 6 months ago we could be closed this long and yet still be in business! While we’ve held on thanks to generous support from our community, the margins are getting thinner each month. At this point in the closure, loans have been spent, donations have dwindled, and memberships have declined with the end of the Cares Act. If you would like to help us keep the party going by making a donation, or sponsoring a membership for a member in need, we are offering thank you gifts this week to celebrate successfully navigating a half year of being closed. We do not take this milestone for granted as we know many other fitness centers and small businesses have not been as fortunate. We are so thankful to everyone that made this possible.

If you are able, and would like to help, any amount is appreciated!

Gifts with each donation through September 23rd!

$25 – Face Shield
$50 – PulsePDX retro shirt (limited to stock on hand)
$75 – PulsePDX towel
$100 – PulsePDX pleated mask
$125+ – PulsePDX zip-up

Donations go through Mindbody and will look like a gift card purchase, but come to us as a donation.

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