GROOV3 Master Class Coming October 24th!

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GROOV3 Master Class Coming October 24th!

At PulsePDX, we get excited about any fitness formats that have YouTube videos with the following disclaimer:

“***WARNING*** This video is intended for those looking to raise their heart rate, change their mood, and just have a good time dancing!”

Since those are three of our favorite things to do, we can’t wait to host our first GROOV3 Master Class on Saturday, October 24th from 4:00-5:30pm with Faith Idemundia!

Faith’s Bio:  Faith is an LA native.  She’s always had a passion for dance/movement — jazz, salsa & merengue, hip hop – and she loves people.  Since its start, Faith has loved the way GROOV3 brings together dance and dance fitness, along with fostering community; so much so that she became a certified instructor.  Faith really loves that GROOV3 is accessible to all dance levels, so no matter what your dance experience, you’ll leave her class feeling like a dance superstar — that’s what it’s all about!  Get ready — true to GROOV3’s motto, Faith will have you “Dance, Sweat, Live” during this choreographed dance party.  She’ll give you a little “sassy” but mostly “sweet”.  You can expect some booty shaking and body rolls, but Faith will always encourage you to make it your own.  Come get FUNK’D and get your GROOV3 on with her!  This connection is what Faith finds so inspiring and electric!

Class description:  Founded by professional dancer and choreographer Benjamin Allen, GROOV3 is a one-hour, high-energy, dance-your-butt off cardio funk class with a LIVE DJ. Targeting non-professionals, GROOV3 has an emphasis on


With simple combinations made for all levels, see why GROOV3 will change the way you view fitness! GROOV3 your way to a healthier lifestyle…DANCE, SWEAT, LIVE!

Early Bird pricing of just $13 is available through October 3rd, so buy tickets soon to save some money!


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