Guest Teachers are Coming Back!

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Guest Teachers are Coming Back!


Mariemma Witherite – Our very first guest instructor!

When PulsePDX first started, we had a dream of creating a fun, vibrant class experience that was innovative, fresh and unique.  We wanted a class where students could be exposed to a range of styles and personalities and have a chance to dance with teachers they may not otherwise get to experience. To fulfill these various goals, we started our guest teacher program at our very first class with the amazing Mariemma Witherite joining us onstage.

The concept of the guest teacher program was simple. Each week we would bring in a new guest teacher and have them lead 2 or 3 songs.  Leading up to their night, we would provide them with a digital poster so they could tell their friends and family about their night and we could share their information with our students.  We hoped that from this night, the guest teacher would make connections with our students and be able to share a little about what makes their classes special. Plus, our students would get to see how many different ways dance fitness could be approached.

Since that first class, we have had over 100 different teachers cross our stage. We have been joined by local teachers as well as teachers from Seattle, Eastern Washington, Salem, Eugene and Corvallis.  From these instructors, we have discovered new moves and artists, and we’ve been inspired and re-energized.  Whether the teachers have been brand new or well-seasoned veterans, each one has brought something special to the stage. For us, it has been amazing to meet so many talented teachers in the area and we are proud that we first danced with many of our current staff through this program!





After a 6 month break, we are excited to announce that the guest teacher program is coming back!  Starting February 9th, Pulse will feature 1-2 guests per week.  The classes will change regularly so that more students and teachers will have a chance to experience the fun of a visiting instructor.  The full guest teacher schedule will be published monthly in our newsletter and will also be kept up to date on our website and posted on Facebook. We encourage you to try as many classes as you can with our special guests and experience for yourself why the guest teacher program is one of our favorite things we do at Pulse.

Here are our first two guest upcoming guest teachers, mark your calendars now!



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