Introducing Zumba George!

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Introducing Zumba George!

PulsePDX is proud and excited to introduce our newest team member, Zumba George! George is a high-energy, dynamic instructor whose warm personality and smile never fail to light up the room. We love the way he engages students, how easy he is to follow with his awesome choreography and musical selections, and how much FUN we have whenever he takes the stage. To help you get to know him better, here is his bio:

“I was born and raised in Hawaii and transplanted to Oregon in May 2000 to work at Intel. I have a passion for dancing because that is how I met my wife, with whom I have 4 wonderful children (3 princes and 1 princess).

I discovered Zumba when my wife had gastric bypass and needed something to keep the weight off. She tried Zumba and fell in love with it. She tried to persuade me to join her, but I preferred to play my Xbox. After one month of “nagging”, I decided to take the leap and I never looked back.

We would go to the gym, drop off our children at the kids club, then escape to Zumba class and pretend it was our date night.

I loved it so much that I decided to become an instructor. Not only did I want to help maintain my wife’s health, but I wanted to inspire and help others.

My teaching style is to give the students an electrifying class and hit them hard with high energy and music that they become addicted to, so that they want to come back for more.

I love color codes and themes! I love taking pictures, especially with students and their Zumba GLOW. So stay back after class and take a photo op with me!!!

Zumba has changed our lives in soo many ways and I would like to give back and be an inspiration to others.”

In addition to his family, his full-time job, and his regular fitness classes, George can also frequently be found supporting local Zumba fundraisers and events. Just this weekend, he was the dance coordinator in charge of  teaching choreography to 125 Zumba enthusiasts for the Blazer Half-Time Show!

George will be teaching Tuesdays at 10:15 am and Thursdays at 6:00 pm starting the week of November 18th.  We can’t wait for you to dance with him!

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