New Cut Paper Exhibit Featuring Christina Hart

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New Cut Paper Exhibit Featuring Christina Hart

Christina is a local artist specializing in fine hart3art paper cutting. As a self taught artist, she is armed with a multitude of small knife blades and heavy weight paper from which she cuts designs and illustrations. As bits of paper are cut away, the design begins to reveal the intricacy of her subject matter: whether is be leaves, flowers, or even particular interlacing lines that she sees flowing a certain way.

Her process begins with a sketch which is scanned and made digital. The scan is then cleaned up a bit, mirrored and rotated until she feels that she has an interesting image. The image is then printed out and the hand cutting begins.

Most of her favorite pieces tend to be the more compact designs that consist of many complex and intricate lines. She reveals that each of these designs requires an amazing amount of patience and time. The result of these pieces is incredibly stunning and provides a quiet reflection of the symmetry of nature. hart4

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