Marika M

Marika M

What do you do at Pulse?

I teach POP Pilates whenever they need a sub and take as many POP Pilates, Dance Fitness, WERQ, and Zumba classes as I can.

What’s your background in dance, fitness, or both?

I did modern ballet from the age of 3-6 then Modern Dance from 7-15.

What’s your favorite thing about Pulse?

The Dance Club Setting and its People that give it an amazing Community Feel.

What’s your favorite song, class, or routine?

I am obsessed with Rhythm is a Dancer, my favorite song and my first lead in dance when I was 11.

What’s your “guilty pleasure” (as long as it’s PG-rated)?

Sours and Ciders on the beach or by the river in the summer!

Can you describe your favorite memory of an experience at Pulse?

Becoming certified in POP Pilates and teaching my first class at Pulse was a lifelong dream that came true. I love music, dancing, and teaching. We also did Pilates weekly in Modern Dancing class, so when I found a format that combines all 3, I was hooked for life! The bonus added is the setting; PulsePDX is my happy place, my movement therapy, and my community of people that have become like family.

Lastly, how would you describe PulsePDX to someone that you know would enjoy it here?

It is a wholesome, fun-loving community of people, that are all inclusive and accepting of everyone. It is a studio that provides all the benefits of a group fitness studio, but with an added community aspect and a unique nightclub feel. There’s always art on display to support local artists, and the space can be rented for events or private group fitness classes. It’s been my home away from home for almost 5 years and I’ve met the most remarkable people that I can call my friends. It’s one big happy, dancing, family.