Quinlan N

Quinlan N

What do you do at Pulse?

You’ll find me teaching Zumba and POP Pilates, running the lights, working the reception desk, and dancing around the waiting room while classes are going on!

What’s your background in dance, fitness, or both?

I currently dance and cheer for the Portland Winterhawks, check out http://instagram.com/rosebudsdanceteam! I also perform hip-hop around Portland with Lyfe Dance Company (http://lyfedanceco.com) I trained at the School of Oregon Ballet Theatre for eight years before being a member of the Jefferson Dancers during high school. I have a background in ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and African dance and I’ve gotten to perform in several countries.

What’s your favorite thing about Pulse?

Pulse has such a unique, positive energy! My mom jokes that it has ruined me for future customer service-based jobs since almost everyone I interact with is in such a great mood.

What’s your favorite song, class, or routine?

It’s a toss up between POP Pilates and Zumba. I love that POP is a full-body toning workout, it’s so fun to discover new muscle definition. Zumba is great because I have so much freedom with the songs and choreography for class, I get to be creative and make my own routines.

What’s your “guilty pleasure”?

Do you have a type of food that you love so much that it causes you physical pain to see someone else eat it (since you know they aren’t enjoying it as much as you would)? I love raspberries.

Can you describe your favorite memory of an experience at Pulse?

Pulse has hosted a bunch of crazy events that I got to be involved with. Each party is something unique and interesting!