Times Keep a Changing

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Times Keep a Changing

In the fitness industry, the only true constant is change. It is the desire for change that first leads many people to walk through the door. This desire for change can take many forms: the desire to lower stress, have more fun, meet new people, reach new health goals, or create a new healthy routine. These internal desires for change that bring people into the studio are part of what makes PulsePDX so fun and vibrant! We have a constant flow of new people coming in and discovering Pulse for the first time, meeting our wonderful community, and experiencing how life changing our positive environment can be.

While the desire for internal change creates a flow of new people in, the reality of external changes creates a flow of people out. Goals change, relocations happen, babies are born, injuries and sickness occur, finances shift, health targets are met, and personal lives are altered. People that we see daily slowly drift away in response to these changes. It isn’t unusual for them to drift back, though, sometimes weeks later, sometimes years later. When this happens, we always have a spot waiting for them!

Just as change affects the lives of our students, it also affects the lives of the PulsePDX team. Our biggest change we have to announce this month is the resignation of Julio, one of our original co-founders, teacher, and graphic designer. While we are very sad to see him go, we separate with tremendous gratitude to him for all of the lives he touched with his infectious energy, larger than life laugh, and genuine love for his students.

Julio, we hope that the winds of change will blow you back this way again in the future! Until then, we will continue the tradition you helped establish of packing Pulse with only the best instructors, happy students, good energy, joyous laughter, and lots of sweaty hugs. You will be missed dearly and we wish only the best for you as you move forward onto new adventures.

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