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Try a Class On Us

We are celebrating the return of fall with a selection of FREE CLASSES during the week of September 12th!  Now is a great time to try some different classes and find some new favorites! Advance reservations required.

Sunday, September 19th

  • LaBlast 11:30 AM

Monday, September 13th

  • Burn 9:15 AM
  • WERQ Fitness 4:00 PM

Tuesday, September 14th

  • Zumba 11:00 AM
  • Hip Hop Fitness 7:20 PM

Wednesday, September 15th

  • POP Pilates 5:00 PM
  • Melt 7:20 PM

Thursday, September 16th

  • Zumba 11:00 AM
  • POP Pilates 6:10 PM

Friday, September 17th

  • Burn 9:15 AM
  • Zumba 10:15 AM

Saturday, September 18th

  • WERQ 8:00 AM

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