Updated Safety Policies for August

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Updated Safety Policies for August

Masks are Back

Creating and maintaining a healthy community is always our goal at PulsePDX. Right now, that means bringing back mandatory masks. With Covid in Oregon jumping 92% in the last week, more breakthrough cases being reported, and Multnomah County, Oregon Health Authority and the CDC all recommending in-door mask usage for vaccinated people, we believe this is the right choice for the health and safety of our community.

If you have struggled with your mask while exercising, we encourage you to check out the 4Ocean mask frames we have for sale at the desk. They hold the mask away from your mouth for easier breathing and they keep the masks from sliding down. They also pair great with our quick-dry exercise masks.

Teachers Solo on Stage

Teachers will be masked until they are onstage alone and 12′ from the nearest masked student. To better protect them, we are temporarily keeping students off stage during class.

We hope both of these changes are short-lived as seeing your smiles and dancing with you onstage are two of our favorite things!


  • Advance reservations required
  • Doors locked until 15 minutes before class
  • Bring your own supplies such as yoga mats, Melt rollers, and resistance bands (first time students may borrow items and then they are available for purchase)
  • Yellow dots on the floor to help with spacing
  • Free weekly bonus live stream class with 2 and 4 class memberships (ends Sept 1)

Thank you

Thank you for your support and understanding through all of these changes. It is a struggle to keep a small business afloat during the best of times. Having an indoor business that involves people breathing heavily during a pandemic even more so! We couldn’t do it without all of your memberships, drop-ins, donations, sponsorships, positive reviews, referrals, and kind words. We appreciate you helping us keep our community going!

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