Labor Day Weekend Flash Sale!

Our annual Flash Sale is coming back Labor Day weekend! To take advantage of these great deals, purchase online or come see us at the desk during any of our regularly scheduled classes on Saturday or Sunday. Although we are click here closed on Monday, you can take advantage of these special prices online until 10 p.m.

$120 for a 15 class punch card valid for all cardio, strength and repair classes (27% discount). Limit 2 per customer.

Buy 1 get 1 1/2 off Rock the Boat Tickets ($14 discount). No limit.

One free month with a membership upgrade. Upgrade any 2 or 4 class/week membership and get the next auto-pay at your current rate! E-mail us at to redeem this offer.

Two free months with any PulsePDX pre-paid membership. Sign up for a 1-year pre-paid contract and get two months completely free! Valid for all new memberships or membership upgrades.

$12 t-shirts (regularly $18). Shirt sizes and styles are limited to the stock on hand.

$15 zip-ups (regularly $25). Sizes and colors are limited to the stock on hand.

► $35 for a double set of Melt Method Balls (regularly $45).2012-08_melt_megan-henson-photography-9-of-15

► $50 Melt Method Roller (regularly $60).

$150 off any Saturday event rental during 2019. Rental deposit must be paid in full and the discount will be applied to the final invoice.

Happy Labor Day!

Member Spotlight Featuring Marika Maritz!

Why do I absolutely love Pulse PDX?

My Mom enrolled me in Ballet Classes when I was 3 and then I switched to Modern Ballet when I was 6. With weekly dance practices, weekend dance exams, and performance shows, I was truly in my element. I was a shy kid and introverted for the most part, so dancing helped me break out of my shell. Every 4th week we’d do Pilates to improve our strength and flexibility and I enjoyed the impact Pilates had on my ability to enhance my dance skills even more. Opportunities in South Africa back then were limited in the dancing field. Right before High School I made one of the toughest decisions of my life. Quit dancing and focus on my academic studies instead. Very reluctantly, I bid farewell to the dance world.

Fast forward to 2004. I moved to the US (Vancouver, WA) as an Au Pair (A live-in Nanny attending College). After my year as an Au Pair, I got married and started working at Wells Fargo. Then in 2010, I joined the Portland Local 8 (Longshoremen & Railroad) Credit Union, and moved to the Rose City neighborhood in Portland. The Finance industry might have been what my aptitude tests indicated I’d be good at, but not what my heart and spirit desired. Something was missing…

Around 2014 I saw the beautiful mural on the side of the PulsePDX building and enjoyed seeing it every day as I drove to and from work. My position at work requires sitting down for 10 hours and this started wreaking havoc on my neck, shoulders, and lower back. I started where most women start. Finding fun workout clothes as extra motivation to start some kind of yoga / posture improving workout. I found the Popflex-Active Leggings on Pinterest and clicked through to find the POP Pilates Life website. I immediately thought to myself that this is something I’d love to start doing again. There was a link to classes in my area. I searched, and POP Pilates at PulsePDX showed up to be just down the road from me on Tuesdays, my day off.

It was truly meant to be. The beautiful mural housed the Pop Pilates class that would end up taking me back to my childhood happy days. My first class was on August 1, 2016 with Ginny. 3 months later I was hooked and found out (from Danny and Jennifer) that a POP Pilates Master Class Training was scheduled for January 23rd, 2017 in Beaverton. I could hardly wait to get certified in a format that I loved and also improved my inner and outer strengths. I signed up for the training and even though it scared the living daylights out of me, I knew that it’s what I wanted to do. I told myself I’d get certified and take classes for a full year after becoming certified, before looking to start teaching.

In the mean time I’d focus on learning all I could from the Pulse Instructors and work on my performance anxiety by doing Zumba and joining the Instructors on stage. I realized that the more comfortable I am, the more fun I have, and the less nervous I get. Ginny, Quinlan, and Donnie also started to give me even more opportunities to join them on stage sometimes for the POP Pilates Kick Butt Cardio songs. I’m honored and ecstatic every time they do, and I love being part of the POP Pilates Community.

The other love of my life is Kenny, an almost 8 year old Shih Tzu/Terrier rescue and my best friend. He was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago and requires insulin shots every twelve hours with a special diet. He goes to work with me and I get up every day at 4:30 AM for his shots. Why so early you ask? So I can make it to PulsePDX classes at night, of course! My schedule changed so I can be home by 3:00 PM every day and off on the weekends. I promptly signed up for the Labor Day sale, unlimited classes for a whole year. Life now feels incomplete if I don’t do POP Pilates on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and now also, on Sundays. I try to stay for the Zumba classes afterwards and take Fusion on Fridays as well. I am 100% addicted for life.

In August of last year I went through extremely tough life changes. It derailed and delayed my plans to start looking for teaching opportunities. I was able to work through this challenging time mostly because of the PulsePDX community that soon became close friends and just like family. Everyone at PulsePDX are so accepting, friendly, and supportive. This makes being far away from my own family a lot more bearable. My life feels complete now for this first time in a while and I am eternally grateful for everyone and everything PulsePDX brings to my life. It’s my happy place, my therapy, and where I get to leave all the negative things in life behind on the mat and the floor. I simply can’t live without PulsePDX ever again!

Member Spotlight Featuring Pamela Shurtliff!

Hi, my name is Pamela and I’ve been a part of the Pulse community for over six years. Can’t believe it’s been that long but I can’t imagine what I’d do without the energy, the fun and the friendships I’ve made along the way!

I started out taking Zumba classes in a gym before I found PulsePDX, but when one of my favorite instructors moved away I found myself in search of something new. I tried a lot of different classes with a lot of different instructors but couldn’t find one I connected with so I started searching online, which is where I found PulsePDX. The idea of Zumba in a nightclub environment sounded like so much fun! My very first Pulse experience was a Zumba masterclass in a nightclub downtown. The teachers were amazing, the energy of the crowd was off the charts and it was an exercise class unlike anything I’d ever experienced! I knew I wanted more, so I signed up for several drop-in classes and every time I went I was blown away by the instructors and the friendly community of people. I also loved the music, the lighting and not having mirrors! I felt like I could really get into my workout and not be concerned with that reflection staring back at me, and I was sweating more than ever before!

Everyone at Pulse made me feel welcome and included and I couldn’t get enough of the the fun, electric atmosphere, so when they started adding more Zumba classes and other strength and dance formats, I signed up for as many as I could. The first Burn demo class, the first willPower&Grace class, Bollywood, Hot Hula, Strength & Stability, Fusion, Pound, POP Pilates and Zumba, Zumba, Zumba! I was willing to try anything, and I couldn’t get enough! All those classes and many inspiring people led me to a new way of thinking about eating and exercise and I found myself losing weight that I hadn’t been able to shed for years. Granted that wasn’t necessarily my goal, but I did want to be healthier and to be a more active person all around. Losing over 70 pounds, and losing the back, knee and foot pain that I had had for years were added benefits!

When I’m not at Pulse, I love spending time with my family, including my husband Michael (who also attends classes at Pulse), my step-daughter, two sisters, a brother and my parents. My husband and I love finding unique things to do around Portland, including festivals, performances, car shows, and of course we love exploring the outdoors. We have a pet rabbit named Izzy who we’ve had for about a year, and she is still like a toddler, so we spend a lot of evenings chasing her around the house making sure she doesn’t eat everything! During the day I have a full-time job working in accounting where I sit for hours at a time so it’s a relief to come shake it out at Pulse at the end of the day! I also had the privilege of working at Pulse full-time a couple of years ago (which I loved!) and still fill in with shifts here and there, so you may see me behind the desk from time to time.

To explain what Pulse means to me in just a few paragraphs is almost impossible, it has literally changed my life. From the day I walked through those doors I knew it was going to be different, but I had no idea that years later, after so many classes, special events, Rock the Boats, Party in Pinks, Rock the Mics, masterclasses, etc…..that I’d still be wanting more and still be loving it! I cannot put into words how I feel about Pulse, Jennifer, all of my fitness instructors (past and present) and everyone that I have met…so many of you have made such a lasting impact on my life. I have made great friendships with amazing, caring, intelligent souls and am so happy to call PulsePDX my fitness home! See you in class soon! ~Pamela

Member Spotlight Featuring Caroline Rouwalk!

Five years ago, I walked into my first Zumba class. Frustrated with attempts at running (I hate running) and using gym Stairmasters and gym bikes (boring), I wanted to find a way to get my cardio exercise without hating what I was doing. I had enjoyed hip-hop classes in the past and after seeing infomercials on TV about Zumba, I thought what the heck, I will give this a try. I didn’t have the foresight then to know that the moment I stepped in to that first Zumba class I had made a choice that would change my life.

Before that first class I was stagnant, stressed, bloated, exhausted, and unhappy. I weighed the most I’ve ever been in my life and found myself gasping for breath doing easy walks. A yearly check-up revealed my greatest fear, that I was now a type II diabetic and was prescribed medicine to control it. I had to do something. I had to somehow claim my life back.

It was challenging and the road ahead was daunting. My first Zumba attempts were frustrating. I didn’t know the choreography and looked like an uncoordinated dork. There were bright colors, happy songs and cheerful people, something a dour, black clothed malcontent like me couldn’t understand. I was way out of shape and could barely finish a class, but I kept going back. I took classes with different teachers, each having their own style. I found each class got easier. I was finding my breath again, finding my rhythm again.

After taking a few months of regular gym Zumba classes I caught wind of something that sounded super cool and fun: Nightclub Zumba with no mirrors, nightclub lighting, instructors on a raised stage, and a DJ. As a club kid in the 80’s who used to dance at clubs until the early morning this was right down my alley. I could feel like I was out at club dancing without all the rigmarole of late night clubbing. What was this new animal and where do I sign up? I took my first Pulse PDX class at Refuge with Jennifer and Julio with Heath at the helm as DJ and was immediately hooked. Not only were the instructors extremely talented and fun on stage, off stage they were nice caring people who took the time to get to know their students. I slowly worked my way the front row as my confidence increased. One day, Jennifer invited me on stage to dance with her and despite my great fear of messing up the choreography, I went up and danced Proud Mary with her. It was such a small moment in time, one song, but a huge moment for me. Performing that one simple song with Jennifer I conquered some fears. I felt confident enough with my dance ability to get up there, and I was able to walk away from my introvert self for one song on stage.

Along the way, this simple act of taking a class, taking that first step of a warm-up song to the last note of the cool down song, not only changed my body but also changed my mind. After years of restaurant management I was not really a fan of my fellow human beings. I was jaded, closed off, didn’t smile much, and had suffered from social anxiety for years. I left that job and started a new career as a geographer and cartographer, a career that fed my analytical mind and creative mind and was finding some happiness in that. This new career change was happening at around the same time I started at Pulse PDX. I remember seeing all these super happy Zumba people at the beginning of class hugging each other and having happy conversations. My jaded self was dismissive of those interactions; I mean I was just here to get exercise, right? I didn’t need any more friends. Wow, was I wrong. I have made some of the most meaningful friendships of my life at Pulse PDX with loving, smart, funny, caring people who support and love each other. Regular exercise gave me an outlet for my stress, lessened my depression, and helped with my social anxiety. I am now one of those happy, hugging people before class and it’s important to me now to help cultivate that loving environment at Pulse PDX.

With Danny and Donnie

In our health journeys, we all suffer setbacks but it’s important to keep trying. While camping in the Mt. Hood National forest last August, I broke my right fibula near my ankle and had to have surgery to have a plate and screws implanted on my bone to secure the multiple fractures. The journey back to be able to dance again was long and difficult. I was unable to walk for 3 months. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to be at the level of fitness before my accident. Many of my Pulse PDX friends were incredibly supportive during my recovery time, helping me, visiting me, bringing me food, and just providing comfort with kind notes of support. I am proud and happy to say that while I still need to work on strength and flexibility with my ankle, I am able to dance again at my happy place. I can’t thank my Pulse family enough for the love and support during my recovery.

With Liz and Pam for the Zumba half-time show at a Portland Trail Blazers game

What I’ve learned is that fitness is a multifaceted pursuit, one that is best served if you enjoy what you are doing. I learned that dance fitness is my happy place; it’s the one activity that doesn’t feel like exercise to me. Along the way I have added strength classes and repair classes that Pulse PDX now offers. I have learned about the specific nutrition my body needs. I now have a better knowledge of this body I inhabit and I want to keep it running well for as long as I can. I will be turning 50 this year and I can say unequivocally that I am in the best physical shape of my life. Yes, I have further to go, but I am proud of the person I have become and Pulse PDX is a huge integral part of my journey back to health. I am so grateful for all the instructors who take so much time to get certified, to come up with new routines, and who stay up on new trends in fitness to bring to their students. I am so grateful for the friends I have made at Pulse PDX. Pulse PDX from day one gave me joy, something I realized that I was greatly lacking. Dancing under the sparkling lights with people who are smiling, how could there be anything in that but joy? I look forward to many healthy years ahead of dancing with all you beautiful people.

-Caroline Rouwalk



30 Day Challenge Recap

For 2016 PulsePDX resolved to run our Drop and Give Me 30 group for a full year. This group consisted of monthly fitness challenges that took 5 minutes or less per day and could either be completed at home or by attending one of our strength classes. Over the course of 13 challenges we had over 200 people participate! While not everyone finished each challenge they began, we believe it encouraged everyone to think about their fitness just a little bit more throughout the month. Since it is the little daily behaviors that can have the most impact on our long-term health, we consider that a big win!

Each person that completed the challenge was then entered into a drawing for a free month of unlimited classes. Here are just a few of our winners.

Megan Matthews

Megan Matthews – I am crazy about the Pulse 30 Day Fitness Challenges!!!!  Winning a free month of unlimited classes was the absolutely best thing.  Pulse has consistently been a happy place for me, and I was so stoked to get to try so many types of classes.  I was committed to doing 1-3 classes a day. I’ve always been a Zumba fanatic but by having unlimited classes I was able to branch out to Pound, U-Jam, Melt, and one of my new favorites – Burn! It was exciting to challenge my body in new ways.  By the end of the month I felt like I was in great shape and my mood was entirely elevated.  Endorphins are real, folks!  I feel so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to take unlimited classes.  All thanks to an awesome 30 Day Challenge.  Thanks to everyone at Pulse for making a workout center one of my favorite places to be! Pulse magic is the best kind of magic.

Rachel Tomey

Rachel Tomey – I really enjoyed and looked forward to all of the 30 day challenges!  Having new exercises each month was a great way to keep the workouts fresh and to target different areas of the body. Being part of the monthly challenge group motivated me and helped me feel accountable for completing the exercises each day. I was super excited when I won the free month of classes and look forward to joining in on the challenges again soon.

Michelle French

Michelle French – I love the 30-Day Challenges! I liked that they did not take much time each day. I loved the sense of accomplishment I felt at the end of the month too (it was really evident with the planking – I remember thinking day 1, how am I EVER going to plank THAT long in 30 days). Winning the month was a bonus! It was nice to try out new classes. Thank you PulsePDX for making me feel special!



Member Spotlight Featuring Shrina Bivens!

12489456_10154001822790039_7995396244673230208_oHi, my name is Shrina and I’ve been part of the Pulse family for 2.5yrs. I immediately fell in love with Pulse from my 1st Zumba & POUND classes! From the magical ambience, stage, sound & awesome lights, to the community of like minded beautiful kindred spirits dancing & pounding their hearts out, it has all added zest, FLAVA, variety & FUN in my life as a major group fitness enthusiast & people loving extrovert!
       I’m grateful that I enjoy exercise especially because I battle a lifelong hormone disorder that makes it really easy to gain weight & difficult to keep the weight off. Thankfully, this challenge to fight the battle is made easier by my drive & passion for fitness, especially group fitness & anything that is choreographed to music as a life long dance lover.
Phoenix and Shrina after Saturday Zumba

With my huge love for fitness, I enjoy a wide array of workout formats, whether it be Zumba, POUND, Bodycombat, lifting weights in Bodypump, to getting my groove on in Hip Hop, U-Jam, enjoying special master classes like Pepper Von’s incredible Fierce Funk workshop like this past summer, to dancing Soca & Bollywood styles, to slowly learning to like Yoga :), Willpower & Grace and being good to my body with the incredible repair classes like MELT in Pulse.

I enjoy going on my weekly therapeutic 5 mile runs in the beauty of Oregon’s outdoors, taking long bike rides, hiking, kayaking, playing tennis, badminton & so much more! Exercise & fitness are both a passion as well as a healthy habit & lifestyle for me & not at all a chore or burden. And I love to reach out to new, especially shy people in Zumba & other formats & help them feel comfortable dancing, which is so much easier to do so without mirrors in a beautiful place like Pulse.
PulsePDX Masquerade Party on the Portland Spirit

I’m continually finding myself enthusiastic about new fitness formats, with dance being my first love in fitness. I’m excited to get back into belly dancing classes which I did even while pregnant with my 1st daughter. I never stopped doing the things I loved when pregnant with either of my 2 girls: hiking, dancing, kickboxing all the way close to when I delivered. I credit my very active lifestyle for giving me 2 super fast, easy, all natural labors. Today, I enjoy going on mother daughter fitness dates where my 7yr old rides her bike the entire time I’m running alongside of her for 5 to 7 miles :).

I love that Pulse always brings us exciting new dance formats for us to enjoy. Dance & music is my heart & soul and I’m continually bubbling over with excitement over new choreography & dance formats and Pulse is in the very heartbeat of fueling my fire & passion to dance, Pound my heart out, loose myself to music & bank on serious endorphins. I feel very blessed & grateful to be part of such a incredible community!

Member Spotlight Featuring John Whitted!

DSCF1214I am a pretty busy sales executive. A few years ago, I realized that I felt really sluggish and out of breath quite often. I think I must have purchased four or five different wardrobes over the years. Well, I knew I had gained weight. I also knew that I had to be careful as my dad, grandfather and great grandfather all had strokes.

I decided to do something about my health and weight gain
and try Weight Watchers. When I got on the scale at the meeting, the leader said, ” you weigh 289 pounds.” I immediately looked at her with a scowl and said, “Uh there must be something wrong with your scale. I don’t weigh that much.” She politely said, “no, the scale is correct.” Right after that, I didn’t hear another word that she said at that meeting. How could I have possibly let myself gain almost 100 pounds? I knew this was going to be a long journey. I also I knew that diet alone wasn’t going to give me the results I needed. I tried treadmills, ellipticals and stair steppers. I found them to be extremely boring. Luckily, I was introduced to Step and Zumba.

John 2

I lost 90 pounds with diet and exercise. However, I have since realized that the even harder part is keeping the weight off. Knowing my struggle, my friend Nick introduced me to PulsePdx. He said I would love it. Guess what? He was right. I love the group interaction, the instructors, routines and the fun. I am not bored like I was on machines. I love to dance. Thus, PulsePDX is a perfect cure for my dancing bug. In addition, I got the extra benefit of meeting some great people that I now call my friends.

PulsePDx has become such a part of my weekly routine. I actually get sad ( sometimes mad at myself) when I miss my normal Zumba days. PulsePDX has helped me keep off a majority of the weight. I even go to the 6am class because I love it so much. It is my goal to at least make four classes a week when I am not traveling for work or otherwise. I feel like there is some class for everyone at PulsePDX. They just need to try it!



Member Spotlight Featuring Sharon Weir!

What are some highlights of your health journey?

Summer 2014
Summer 2014

In my day job as a middle school teacher, I teach my students that one way to combat procrastination is to “give yourself an audience.”  Little did I realize that such a simple thing as saying to a friend “I want to make a change and I will be active every day for the next month” would be the step I needed to create my audience and in turn achieve and even surpass my fitness and health goals.  On that note, I suppose the biggest highlight of my health journey is that, strangely enough, once I actually set the goal, it wasn’t that hard.

After having my 2 children, now ages 5 and 7, I never made a serious effort to lose the extra “baby” weight, despite, of course, wanting to.  I generally ate well, cooked healthy meals, and enjoyed the occasional leisure bike ride, hike, or walk.  I made efforts to be happy with my body by sewing my own clothes and worked to project a positive body image for my son and daughter.

Last summer though, a few months after starting at Pulse PDX, I was sitting on the porch with a friend and verbalized two intentions: be active every day until the end of summer, and learn more about calories and how much I am supposed to eat.  Those two things changed my approach to both activity and food – allowing me to lose 30 pounds in 9 months.  For the calories I started using an app to help me keep track and it gave me a daily goal to keep me on track to lose one lb. per week.  In the summer I continued my twice per/week Pound classes, rode my kids around on our family bike, and went for evening walks.  Once school started I replaced the bike riding with walking them to school.  While the pounds didn’t appear to melt away all that quickly, after 3 or 4 months people really started to notice, and by 5 months I could see and feel a significant difference.  9 months later I had lost 30 pounds, and was well below my pre-pregnancy weight – a place I never thought I would be again!  Being able to sew my own clothes has come in handy again, as I have a wardrobe that needs significant altering now.

Before June 2014
Before June 2014
After May 2015
After May 2015

As a result of my two intentions, I have become more “in tune” with foods and the physical effects they have on me (I can really tell when I have eaten heavy pasta for dinner and I’m trying to jump in Pound class!), I can make educated choices about what I eat (and still give myself a treat now and then), and I now I miss physical activity if I go a day without it.  I am happy with my healthy body, and I am able to project a more true and honest positive body image for my son and daughter.

February 2015
February 2015

How did you find PulsePDX?

As often happens around the New Year, a friend and I decided to find a good workout class and PulsePDX was the place we tried.  We tried Zumba, but quickly found Pound to be the class for us.  We have been regular attendees to Josh’s Tuesday and Thursday evening classes ever since.  There is something special about a workout that is both challenging and fun, not to mention that pounding a pair a sticks around for 45 min. is a good stress reliever too!  I especially appreciate how I can regularly see myself improving and Josh encourages us to push further; also, even after attending for a year, there are moves I can struggle with, then finally do!

What role does Pulse play in your fitness routine?

Sopabox derby_ Harriet's House of Beauty
Soapbox Derby – Harriet’s House of Beauty

I have always loved walking, so starting each day by walking my kids 2 ½ miles to their schools gets my day off on the right track.  Pound, however, is my chance to really sweat and do fun challenging active work.  As the weather gets warmer though, I’ll be back on my family bike exploring the far reaches of the city – this summer hopefully biking faster than last year!

What do you do when you aren’t dancing around with us?

During the day, I teach social studies and study skills to middle school students at a small independent school downtown.  In the evening when I’m not pounding it out, I’m working on some new sewing or crafting project.  Though it has been a few years, I have also been known to race down Mt. Tabor in award-winning soapbox derby cars – you may have seen me in a few of my team t-shirts.

Member Spotlight Featuring MJ Anderson!

MJ 2I used to be over 200 pounds.  I took up walking and then running and then sampled a whole lot of other things as well.  The weight started coming off and the muscle started coming on.  It wasn’t until I started focusing on my nutrition that I finially lost the rest of the final 30 pounds though. Its so true what they say about body compisition being 20% gym and 80% nutrition. Now I notice my nutrition is off in my workouts too.  I have less energy during and recover less quickly.

I did Zumba breifly at Vamanos in Vancouver and knew right away it was for me.  Shortly after I became hooked, they closed their doors :(. I was crestfallen.  I loved the high intensity workout that Zumba gave me and that my brain was too preoccupied with the steps and arms and everything to think of anything except what was happening in that moment.  Zumba was, and is, so zen for me! It is impossible to be anywhere but in the moment!

I began complaining to everyone I knew about how much I missed it and asking them where I should go next.  The resounding answer was Pulse.  Three separate friends directed me there (and neither one new the others)  Ginny Kaufman, Brian Wartell, and Loral Sheldan all said you were the best!  When I went to my first class I was hopelessly lost, impressed, and couldn’t wait to come back.  I loved the darkened room, loud music and lack of mirrors.


I take a lot of fitness classes and Pulse is, by far, the most fun I have working out.  All the workouts challenge me mentally. I do not have a dancer background (far from it) and so I am always losing my place and going the wrong way…. but I am also always smiling.  It is amazing to be working so hard and still feel so happy about it.  It also offers an opportunity to let go of any unpleasantness my day brought and start afresh with a new enthusiasm.  Nothing moves energy like moving to music and making vocalizations.  Its just incredible. MJ 1

It also adds a much needed dose of grace and femininity to balance all the more typically male activities I do.  I have been training almost 8 years as a boxer.  I recently started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I hope to compete in both someday soon. I also love lifting, hiking and running.  Zumba has taught me a lot about how to switch between masculine and feminine energies as a situation requires.

When I am not working out, I run a doggie daycare, dog walking and pet sitting business. I live on the bank of the Washougal river with my extremely handsome husband and our hillarious teenager.  Our oldest is moved out now but she brings my grandson over frequently to BBQ and float down the river on intertubes!   We surround ourselves with animals.  A beautiful dog, jerk of a cat, and 4 ducks.  Despite my husbands sensible protests, one day soon, I am hoping to add goats to the mix.

MJ 3               10551572_852484351429487_7987073030314176748_o


Member Spotlight Featuring Julie Morehouse!

What are some highlights of your health journey?

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2008 and at this time I had been the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I was a very petite and small girl growing up, so gaining weight was no fun for me, I guess that is what I get for getting too comfortable with my husband 🙂 Since then my diabetes have been up and down, up and down. I found Zumba around the same time through a friend from high school. I absolutely fell in love with it. In 2010 my mother got diagnosed with cancer and later passed away. That was a hard blow to us kids and my dad keeping me away from Zumba and exercising. I had my beautiful son in Dec 2011, and being diabetic I really had to watch what I ate and needed to exercise to maintain my sugars, especially with a baby. I ended up losing 30lbs from being pregnant and then the after math of breast feeding. I was thrilled and wanted to do something to maintain that. After a year of trying to maintain the off weight I couldn’t, so I said I need to do something more fun than a gym.

How did you find PulsePDX?

That is when I found PulsePDX online. I was looking for a place to Zumba again, because I knew that was the most fun I had ever had. I read all about Pulse and said that I needed to go here to check it out. 2014 was a new year for me, I had a new position in my job and wanted it to be a new me. I stepped into Jennifer and Julio’s class and instantly fell in love. The atmosphere of the night club as well as NO MIRRORS was so awesome! I can just be me and dance without wondering if I am doing it right!

What’s your favorite thing about Pulse?

Pulse PDX is AHHHHMMMMAAAYZING!! The first time I stepped into Pulse PDX (back in the Refuge days) I loved the atmosphere the energy, the people… the VIBE!!

Master Class with Abraham
PulsePDX Master Class with Abraham Hernandez

What role does Pulse play in your fitness routine?

Pulse has played a huge part in my fitness routine. Since I have started Pulse, I have lost 37lbs, 22inches, and no longer am insulin dependant. I also am a ZIN member and licenced to teach Zumba! Not only do I get to go to a place where I can wind down from my day and dance the night away, I see wonderful people on the same journey as I am on and with so much support! The stage is a huge confidence booster as well. I love that the teachers encourage us to go up there and dance with them. The Pulse family, from the employees, to the teachers, to the people that dance next to me are so wonderful! It really is Pulse Magic when you walk in the door to PulsePDX.

Rock the Boat
Rock the Boat 2014 with Scott and Michael

What do you do when you aren’t dancing around with us?

Talking about Zumba!! LOL 🙂 I love it so much I tell everyone about it! I even Zumba when I am away from home for work. When I can get chances to get into ZIN classes or jam sessions I will be there! This will help me to expand my knowledge of Zumba and routines. I love dancing at home and teaching my son some zumba moves! When we can, date nights are aw lays fun with my guys!

Zumba Outdoors!
Party in Pink Fundraiser with Pam, Vikki, Jennifer and Alisa

I love PulsePDX! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share! See you in class!