Josh Barber

Josh Barber

What do you do at Pulse?

Create copious amounts of sweat and entertain people with my bad jokes… And Pound and sometimes Zumba Toning.

What’s your background in dance, fitness, or both?

After some wine I’ve been known to do some rather remarkable interpretative dance in my underwear in my living room. That being said, I started my movement training with a Martial Arts/Ballroom Dance one-two punch through high school, and shortly after moved on to prop manipulation and Circus Arts as a form of movement training. As far as fitness is concerned, I was involved in athletics most of my life, I played soccer, equestrian polo, and ran cross country, which lead me into teaching fitness. I currently am certified for and teach Pound, Zumba, Zumba Toning, Pyrolates, Barre, and Full-Tilt Cycle.  Though I do not teach I have a background in Yoga, Mat Pilates, and weight training.

What’s your favorite thing about Pulse?

The energy! I was told by my fitness mentor that I should never expect the energy that I give out while teaching to be returned from a class. For the most part, I came to understand this was true, I could pour my heart and soul into a class and get little to no excitement back from the class, until I got to Pulse and you all proved that theory wrong!!

What’s your favorite song, class, or routine?


What’s your “guilty pleasure” (as long as it’s PG-rated)?

First I’m addicted to terrible TV shows on the CW. Basically anything about high school kids and the supernatural I’m a sucker for. The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, etc. I can’t get enough. Second I have to confess my love for Casa Del Matador nachos! The nachos are the worst because I live just blocks from Casa Del Matador…. I may be eating them as I type this… SOMEONE SAVE ME!!

Can you describe your favorite memory of an experience at Pulse?

One day Jennifer and I were teaching Pound together, and we decided we were going to “Pound out” certain things that were making us unhappy. So we each took turns dedicating a track to a specific aggravation in our life (ex: being broke all the time, boys who break your heart, car trouble, etc). So before each track one of us would lodge a complaint and we’d take it out on the next track to make it better. It made the class even more fun, and therapeutic and the clients had no idea that we were secretly having an on stage Pound Therapy session on the fly.

Lastly, how would you describe PulsePDX to someone that you know would enjoy it here?

I tell people it’s the most non threatening introduction to fitness you can find. The environment is super welcoming, no mirrors, scales, or judgement. Just a bunch of people joining together to have FUN and seemingly by accident get fit at the same time. You go there to have fun and we secretly trick you into getting sweaty. We’re sneaky that way.