PulsePDX Summer Bingo

We are playing Bingo this summer for a good cause! Pick up a board (or 3!) at the front desk and win prizes while getting to enjoy a variety of fun activities and support a local charity.

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$10 for 1 Bingo Board OR $20 for 3

how to buy proscar online Prizes

  • Picking up a card earns a PulsePDX disco ball keychain
  • First 5 across (per person) wins a silver light up LED all-in-one pen  
  • Blackout wins a drawstring pocket sports bag  
  • Every card completed will be entered into a drawing for a free 6-month membership ($660 value)

Who We Are Supporting

JOIN is a local non-profit working to support the efforts of homeless individuals and families to transition off of the streets and into permanent housing. Over the course of the last 25 years, JOIN has helped over 10,000 people leave the chaos and danger of the streets for the safety and stability of home.

PulsePDX chose this charity as we see daily the effects of homelessness on our surrounding community and we want to help support organizations working towards compassionate, effective solutions. If you would like to make additional donations, we will have a secure box at the desk for cash donations and a collection box in the lobby for items. Their current needs list includes:

  • blankets, sleeping bags, tarps
  • socks, hats, gloves, scarves
  • adult coasts and other functional adult clothing
  • other cold weather gear
  • backpacks, tote bags, other bags
  • shampoo, conditioner, soap
  • African American hair care products
  • lotion, deodorant, razors
  • first aid supplies, over the counter medicines
  • towels of any size
  • any other hygiene supplies
  • sugar, creamer, peanut butter
  • books and magazines
  • pet food, other pet supplies

Helpful Information

  • Any events you attended in June can be applied
  • The PulsePDX Brick in Pioneer Square can be found with the map posted below



Labor Day Weekend Flash Sale!

Our annual Flash Sale is coming back Labor Day weekend! To take advantage of these great deals, purchase online or come see us at the desk during any of our regularly scheduled classes on Saturday or Sunday. Although we are closed on Monday, you can take advantage of these special prices online until 10 p.m.

$120 for a 15 class punch card valid for all cardio, strength and repair classes (27% discount). Limit 2 per customer.

Buy 1 get 1 1/2 off Rock the Boat Tickets ($14 discount). No limit.

One free month with a membership upgrade. Upgrade any 2 or 4 class/week membership and get the next auto-pay at your current rate! E-mail us at pulsepdx@gmail.com to redeem this offer.

Two free months with any PulsePDX pre-paid membership. Sign up for a 1-year pre-paid contract and get two months completely free! Valid for all new memberships or membership upgrades.

$12 t-shirts (regularly $18). Shirt sizes and styles are limited to the stock on hand.

$15 zip-ups (regularly $25). Sizes and colors are limited to the stock on hand.

► $35 for a double set of Melt Method Balls (regularly $45).2012-08_melt_megan-henson-photography-9-of-15

► $50 Melt Method Roller (regularly $60).

$150 off any Saturday event rental during 2019. Rental deposit must be paid in full and the discount will be applied to the final invoice.

Happy Labor Day!

Member Spotlight Featuring Marika Maritz!

Why do I absolutely love Pulse PDX?

My Mom enrolled me in Ballet Classes when I was 3 and then I switched to Modern Ballet when I was 6. With weekly dance practices, weekend dance exams, and performance shows, I was truly in my element. I was a shy kid and introverted for the most part, so dancing helped me break out of my shell. Every 4th week we’d do Pilates to improve our strength and flexibility and I enjoyed the impact Pilates had on my ability to enhance my dance skills even more. Opportunities in South Africa back then were limited in the dancing field. Right before High School I made one of the toughest decisions of my life. Quit dancing and focus on my academic studies instead. Very reluctantly, I bid farewell to the dance world.

Fast forward to 2004. I moved to the US (Vancouver, WA) as an Au Pair (A live-in Nanny attending College). After my year as an Au Pair, I got married and started working at Wells Fargo. Then in 2010, I joined the Portland Local 8 (Longshoremen & Railroad) Credit Union, and moved to the Rose City neighborhood in Portland. The Finance industry might have been what my aptitude tests indicated I’d be good at, but not what my heart and spirit desired. Something was missing…

Around 2014 I saw the beautiful mural on the side of the PulsePDX building and enjoyed seeing it every day as I drove to and from work. My position at work requires sitting down for 10 hours and this started wreaking havoc on my neck, shoulders, and lower back. I started where most women start. Finding fun workout clothes as extra motivation to start some kind of yoga / posture improving workout. I found the Popflex-Active Leggings on Pinterest and clicked through to find the POP Pilates Life website. I immediately thought to myself that this is something I’d love to start doing again. There was a link to classes in my area. I searched, and POP Pilates at PulsePDX showed up to be just down the road from me on Tuesdays, my day off.

It was truly meant to be. The beautiful mural housed the Pop Pilates class that would end up taking me back to my childhood happy days. My first class was on August 1, 2016 with Ginny. 3 months later I was hooked and found out (from Danny and Jennifer) that a POP Pilates Master Class Training was scheduled for January 23rd, 2017 in Beaverton. I could hardly wait to get certified in a format that I loved and also improved my inner and outer strengths. I signed up for the training and even though it scared the living daylights out of me, I knew that it’s what I wanted to do. I told myself I’d get certified and take classes for a full year after becoming certified, before looking to start teaching.

In the mean time I’d focus on learning all I could from the Pulse Instructors and work on my performance anxiety by doing Zumba and joining the Instructors on stage. I realized that the more comfortable I am, the more fun I have, and the less nervous I get. Ginny, Quinlan, and Donnie also started to give me even more opportunities to join them on stage sometimes for the POP Pilates Kick Butt Cardio songs. I’m honored and ecstatic every time they do, and I love being part of the POP Pilates Community.

The other love of my life is Kenny, an almost 8 year old Shih Tzu/Terrier rescue and my best friend. He was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago and requires insulin shots every twelve hours with a special diet. He goes to work with me and I get up every day at 4:30 AM for his shots. Why so early you ask? So I can make it to PulsePDX classes at night, of course! My schedule changed so I can be home by 3:00 PM every day and off on the weekends. I promptly signed up for the Labor Day sale, unlimited classes for a whole year. Life now feels incomplete if I don’t do POP Pilates on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and now also, on Sundays. I try to stay for the Zumba classes afterwards and take Fusion on Fridays as well. I am 100% addicted for life.

In August of last year I went through extremely tough life changes. It derailed and delayed my plans to start looking for teaching opportunities. I was able to work through this challenging time mostly because of the PulsePDX community that soon became close friends and just like family. Everyone at PulsePDX are so accepting, friendly, and supportive. This makes being far away from my own family a lot more bearable. My life feels complete now for this first time in a while and I am eternally grateful for everyone and everything PulsePDX brings to my life. It’s my happy place, my therapy, and where I get to leave all the negative things in life behind on the mat and the floor. I simply can’t live without PulsePDX ever again!

Meet Antonio!

We are excited to introduce Antonio Butler! In addition to joining us onstage at various Zumba classes over the coming weeks, Antonio will be teaching a free LaBlast® demo class on April 8th at 11:00 a.m.  LaBlast® is a dance fitness program based on all of the fun dances you see on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ such as Disco, Cha Cha, Jive, Salsa, Paso Doble, Samba, and many more. It is totally partner free and teaches fundamental dancing skills while providing a fun-filled, high energy, interval based cardio workout. Come check out this fun format and help us welcome Antonio to Portland and the PulsePDX community! Advance reservations are encouraged.

Antonio’s Bio

Antonio was born in Cleveland, OH.  At an early age his love of performing was evident, as he was always dancing.  At the age of 15, Antonio was accepted in to the A Better Chance (ABC) National Scholastic program, and went away to high school in Wallingford, PA.   This was not an easy move for him, especially being the shy, quiet, skinny “nerd” that he was.  Although he excelled in sports, it was performing in high school plays and musicals that brought him happiness, confidence, and ultimately popularity.

Antonio went on to attend The University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Psychology.  While in college, he continued performing, earning leading roles in the university’s productions of “Pippen” and “A Chorus Line”; and as a member and choreographer of the Arts House Dance Company.

It was during Basic Training (Boot Camp) for the U.S. Army Reserves that Antonio discovered his love of fitness and working out.  He is surely the only person in the world to think of the 10-week Basic Training as a “hoot”.  The noticeable change in his body and development of muscles, led Antonio to join a gym, begin lifting weights, and taking group fitness classes.  At the encouragement of his group fitness instructors, he obtained his Primary Group Fitness certification through AFAA.  He quickly gained a reputation and following teaching Step, High/Lo impact, Interval, and Bootcamp classes.

In March 2007, a friend and fellow instructor talked Antonio into attending a workshop for a new Latin dance fitness format, Zumba®.  Attending the licensing workshop was his first exposure to Zumba®, and his love of the format was instant.  His energetic, fun, flirty, and sexy style made him one of the top instructors in OH; and later, the Tampa Bay, FL area. He has traveled around the Midwest and FL teaching Masterclasses.

In October 2017, Antonio attended a LaBlast® Fitness Masterclass taught by Louis Van Amstel, the format creator, in St Petersburg, FL.  After the class, Louis asked Antonio to become a Master Trainer for the format. This opportunity was perfect, given his love of dance and fitness. Antonio is now in the process of becoming the LaBlast® Fitness Master Trainer for the Pacific Northwest.

Outside of the group fitness world, Antonio works as a Training Coordinator for a banking company.  He enjoys listening to music, watching sports (college and pro football, the Olympic Channel, tennis, rugby, and track & field), playing volleyball (indoor and sand), tennis; and one day hopes to learn to play rugby.





Meet Our Newest Team Member!

We are very excited to have Meli Kirkwood, one of our fitness idols, join the PulsePDX team! For the last several years Meli has made periodic visits to Pulse from the California Bay area as a Zumba Jammer. Jammers are people chosen by Zumba to choreograph for other Zumba teachers. We have had many routines that have been class favorites over the years that were created by Meli. Her routines are high-energy, easy-to-follow, safe, effective, and FUN!


Meli is a native of Venezuela and is passionate about the fitness industry. In addition to being a Zumba Jammer (Choreographer), she is a Zumba International Presenter, fitness instructor, and a personal trainer. Her multiple fitness certifications include: AFAA Group Ex Instructor, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Women’s Health and Nutrition, ACE and NASM Personal Trainer. In addition she is licensed with numerous fitness certifications and specialties (Pound, Zumba Specialties, Piyo among many others). She has also been a Content Fitness Creator for multiple boutique studios in the California Bay Area.

“To me, fitness is essential and I LOVE to make people smile and move! It’s a lifestyle. When your soul syncs with the music, the rest is magic!”


You can rockout with Meli in Pound on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. and on Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. starting March 13th. Or join her for our brand new Zumba® Toning + Core and Glutes  on Wednesdays at 9:15 a.m. starting on March 14th.








Free Zumba!

Strength + Cardio is the perfect combo! During March, take any Monday – Friday 9:15 strength class and then stay for the 10:15 Zumba class for FREE! There are no limits on the number of classes you can take, so why not try them all?

Monday 9:15 a.m. – Burn with Jennifer

Tuesday 9:15 a.m. – PiYo with Mercedes

Wednesday 9:15 a.m. – Zumba Toning  + Core and Glutes with Meli (starting March 14th)

Thursday 9:15 a.m. – Burn with Jennifer

Friday 9:15 a.m. Pop Pilates with Ginny


Member Spotlight Featuring Pamela Shurtliff!

Hi, my name is Pamela and I’ve been a part of the Pulse community for over six years. Can’t believe it’s been that long but I can’t imagine what I’d do without the energy, the fun and the friendships I’ve made along the way!

I started out taking Zumba classes in a gym before I found PulsePDX, but when one of my favorite instructors moved away I found myself in search of something new. I tried a lot of different classes with a lot of different instructors but couldn’t find one I connected with so I started searching online, which is where I found PulsePDX. The idea of Zumba in a nightclub environment sounded like so much fun! My very first Pulse experience was a Zumba masterclass in a nightclub downtown. The teachers were amazing, the energy of the crowd was off the charts and it was an exercise class unlike anything I’d ever experienced! I knew I wanted more, so I signed up for several drop-in classes and every time I went I was blown away by the instructors and the friendly community of people. I also loved the music, the lighting and not having mirrors! I felt like I could really get into my workout and not be concerned with that reflection staring back at me, and I was sweating more than ever before!

Everyone at Pulse made me feel welcome and included and I couldn’t get enough of the the fun, electric atmosphere, so when they started adding more Zumba classes and other strength and dance formats, I signed up for as many as I could. The first Burn demo class, the first willPower&Grace class, Bollywood, Hot Hula, Strength & Stability, Fusion, Pound, POP Pilates and Zumba, Zumba, Zumba! I was willing to try anything, and I couldn’t get enough! All those classes and many inspiring people led me to a new way of thinking about eating and exercise and I found myself losing weight that I hadn’t been able to shed for years. Granted that wasn’t necessarily my goal, but I did want to be healthier and to be a more active person all around. Losing over 70 pounds, and losing the back, knee and foot pain that I had had for years were added benefits!

When I’m not at Pulse, I love spending time with my family, including my husband Michael (who also attends classes at Pulse), my step-daughter, two sisters, a brother and my parents. My husband and I love finding unique things to do around Portland, including festivals, performances, car shows, and of course we love exploring the outdoors. We have a pet rabbit named Izzy who we’ve had for about a year, and she is still like a toddler, so we spend a lot of evenings chasing her around the house making sure she doesn’t eat everything! During the day I have a full-time job working in accounting where I sit for hours at a time so it’s a relief to come shake it out at Pulse at the end of the day! I also had the privilege of working at Pulse full-time a couple of years ago (which I loved!) and still fill in with shifts here and there, so you may see me behind the desk from time to time.

To explain what Pulse means to me in just a few paragraphs is almost impossible, it has literally changed my life. From the day I walked through those doors I knew it was going to be different, but I had no idea that years later, after so many classes, special events, Rock the Boats, Party in Pinks, Rock the Mics, masterclasses, etc…..that I’d still be wanting more and still be loving it! I cannot put into words how I feel about Pulse, Jennifer, all of my fitness instructors (past and present) and everyone that I have met…so many of you have made such a lasting impact on my life. I have made great friendships with amazing, caring, intelligent souls and am so happy to call PulsePDX my fitness home! See you in class soon! ~Pamela

Small Business Saturday Sale November 25th

We love kicking off the holiday season with a special sale as a thank you to all of our students that support us throughout the year and help to make PulsePDX such a magical place. Small Business Saturday, a holiday started in 2010 to promote brick and mortar businesses which are small and local, is the perfect day for us to celebrate! We know people have a lot of choices when it comes to gyms and fitness studios and we really appreciate everyone that not only supports our vision, but also understands how important it is to support small local businesses if we want a thriving, vibrant, unique local community. We hope you will enjoy the specials we are running in honor of this day!image003

$100 for a 15 class punch card valid for all cardio, strength and repair classes. Limit 2 per customer.

Two free months with any PulsePDX  pre-paid membership. Sign up for a 1-year pre-paid contract and get your last two months completely free! Valid for all new memberships or membership upgrades.

$10 t-shirts. Shirt sizes and styles are limited to the stock on hand.

► $35 for a double set of Melt Method Balls (regularly $45).2012-08_melt_megan-henson-photography-9-of-15

► $50 for a newly designed Melt Method Roller (regularly $60).

$150 off any Saturday event rental during 2018. Rental deposit must be paid in full and the discount will be applied to the final invoice.

Happy Small Business Saturday!

Labor Day Flash Sale!

Our annual Flash Sale is coming back Labor Day weekend! To take advantage of these great deals, purchase online or come see us at the desk during any of our regularly scheduled classes on Saturday or Sunday. Although we are closed on Monday, you can take advantage of these special prices online until 10 p.m.


$20 Rock the Boat Tickets (43% off the walk-up price)


$100 15-Class Punch Card (33% off). Limit 2 per person.


FREE month with any new membership (applied to the 5th month of the 6 month contract).

Membership Upgrade

FREE 1 month upgrade!  Upgrade any 2 or 4 class/week membership and get the next auto-pay at your current rate! E-mail us at pulsepdx@gmail.com to redeem this offer.



$12.60 T-shirts (33% off). Online purchases can be picked up at the studio on your next visit.


$8.40 PulsePDX Towels (30% off). Online purchases can be picked up at the studio on your next visit.

Melt Sale

$31.50 Melt Method Hand and Foot Treatment Kits (30% off). Online purchases can be picked up at the studio on your next visit.