Today marks nine months since our last in-studio class. We weren’t sure that night if, after nine years, that might be our final PulsePDX class. Luckily, our community pulled together and through continued memberships, generous donations, and live stream classes, we are still going! This period has brought more challenges then we could have ever imagined or prepared for. And it has also brought many gifts. Here is where we currently stand:

The Gifts:

  • Live stream classes. Not only have these classes kept us moving and connected, they have also allowed many people to participate that wouldn’t be able to otherwise. We have had parents join us with their little ones, members participate in locations all across the US, and health care workers dance with us in on-call rooms at their hospitals.
  • Our community. Our community has taken care of us and each other. Thanks to the help of sponsorships, anyone that wants to take class can regardless of their financial situation.
  • Our team. The PulsePDX team is truly the best! Whether it is managing technical issues, dancing in an empty room, dealing with extreme heat or cold, or patiently waiting for their classes to be added back, their professionalism, support, and generosity is boundless.
  • Our landlord. We are fortunate to have a landlord willing to work with us and defer half of our rent until we are open. While that rent will eventually come due, it buys us some much-needed time.

The Challenges

  • Memberships have fallen. High turn-over in the fitness industry is the norm. People get injured, schedules change, and motivation ebbs. Add in a pandemic, technology issues, Zoom fatigue, and financial struggles, and we are faced with more than a 40% drop in paid monthly members while not being able to bring new people through the doors to replace them.
  • Revenue is down. In pre-pandemic times, monthly members only make up half of our revenue. Since we have been closed and have limitations on our streaming rights, we aren’t able to generate the same drop-ins and punch card users that typically make up the other half.  
  • The repairs keep coming. If it can break during the closure, it has. The HVAC, speakers, lights, and computers. Even locks, toilet components and the vacuum cleaner.
  • Loans are stacking up. We are fortunate to have received loans to help get us through this period, but borrowing from the future to pay for the present puts us in a tenuous position.

Ways You Can Help

  • Donate. Any donation amount helps!
  • Purchase Gift Cards. 5 or 10 class gift cards make great gifts! Not only does it help us, it also makes it more fun and motivating for you when you can text with a friend in between songs.
  • Increase memberships. If you joined years ago, consider increasing your membership to today’s rates or moving to the next level.
  • Sponsor. Help us support other members through either a one-time donation by entering “Sponsorship” in the message box at checkout, or through an ongoing autopay by emailing PulsePDX.