Taylor Schmelzle

Taylor Schmelzle

What do you do at Pulse?

I currently work reception and light tech!! Excited to begin teaching soon 🙂

What’s your background in dance, fitness, or both?

I started dancing at age 3 and competitively at age 6 in tap, jazz, hip hop and ballet. I traveled the country almost every weekend working conventions, assisting, competing, and broadening my dance education. I moved to LA when I was 18 to dance professionally and audition. I’ve always had a passion for the arts as well as fitness. I worked for 2 years as an assistant manager at a yoga & spinning studio while dancing in college at Loyola Marymount University. Shortly after I moved to Portland, I began at dance studio as an instructor and director for their company. I’m currently teaching around Portland, dipping my toes in all sorts of fitness (zumba, spinning, yoga) and began my first season as a Blazer Dancer!

What’s your favorite thing about Pulse?

The vibe of Pulse is my favorite! It’s upbeat, positive, welcoming, and stress-free. Its filled with people wanting to move and groove! What’s more fun than that?! Smiles are definitely a contagion!

What’s your favorite song, class, or routine?

I love hip hop!! The hip hop fitness class, zumba nightclub, and new werq class tap into those moves 🙂  “16 Shots” from Jennifer’s class is always so fun to dance to!!

What’s your “guilty pleasure”?

I have an obsession with salt and vinegar chips. My bf and roommate share this chip love so safe to say; they’re always stocked at our house.

Lastly, how would you describe PulsePDX to someone that you know would enjoy it here?

Pulse is so welcoming, upbeat and fun! If you love to dance but have found it hard or intimidating to find an adult class, this is the place for you. Many want to dance without the pressure of being watched or judged in a dance environment. Pulse is all about a diverse people letting go and having fun in a dance party setting!