PulsePDX Teacher BrittanyBack in the 80’s Brit would spend countless hours teaching herself Paula Abdul and Madonna choreography from MTV music videos. At a young age, seeing innovative and powerful women performing and pushing social norms with their bodies was deeply inspiring to her.

Instead of going to college right away, Brit traveled throughout South America and Spain where she learned to dance with locals. She learned salsa, bachata, merengue, and reggaeton in the streets, often having dance parties until the morning. In the states, she was one of the first Zumba instructors and has been teaching dance fitness for over a decade.

Body positivity and inclusivity are very important to her workouts. Her classes open up an entire world of self acceptance and self expression most of us have never had the opportunity to experience.Brittany F

Her favorite thing about teaching is meeting students that are not quite sure but excited to try classes, that keep showing up until one day you see the change – they are empowered and expressing themselves with a confidence and an ease that they weren’t quite sure they had in them.

Brit loves to surf, make jewelry and go thrifting for fun. She’s a mama to an amazing and busy 7 year old and owns 2 businesses where she gets to live out her dreams of helping children use healthy tools to navigate growing up.

Class Information

Spicy Dance

Spicy Dance Fitness on Sundays at 11:15 a.m. is an easy to follow, club vibes, dance party to your favorite upbeat flirty music that has you SWEATING! Have you ever just craved the opportunity to get more in touch with your sensuality? Or maybe just the urge to twerk it out to your favorite song? We get low, embrace our hips and dance it all out. Get strong, move your body and find self empowerment in this high energy, sexy dance class! 

First class is free on February 11th with advance reservations for either in-person or online.

Spicy Strength

Spicy Strength on Sundays at 12:15 p.m. combines empowering beats with easy-to-follow, sensual floor work to strengthen our muscles and core. This 45min class is mostly on our hands and knees and uses slow, sexy AF movements that will make you feel like the Queen/Kind that you are. Show up as you are and get ready to have a wild and fun workout. Knee pads required and available. Motivational, transformative and naughty!

First class is free on February 11th with advance reservations for either in-person or online.