As a fitness professional for over 13 years, Eva has worked with clients from diverse age and ability backgrounds in both group fitness and private training capacities. An expert in alignment and form, Eva came to the fitness industry after many years of intensive dance study at the University of Michigan, as well as high-profile professional studios in New York and Los Angeles. In her twenties, however, Eva realized that she loved dance best when she could let go of the technicality, quit competing with other dancers, ditch the emphasis on perfection, and just lose herself in the music. Since then she has been a secret Living Room Martha Graham, dancing angsty contemporary solos in her socks when no one is watching, and trying not to trip on the cat. Her mission as a Werq Instructor is to help other people let go of their inhibitions, say adiós to stress, and find fierce, relentless joy on the dance floor (or in their living rooms) just like she has. When not dancing around, Eva teaches high school students how to speak Spanish and tries to be a cool stepmom.