PulsePDX Teacher Molly


Molly G.

I teach Strength and Flow, which is my own unique blend of strength training and dance fitness. It’s not “all in the name” – you really have to experience this to get it! So come give it a try.




PulsePDX is truly one of a kind. I love the flair each instructor brings to their class and the welcoming and enthusiastic community. 


how I got started

Discovering dance as a means of exercise changed my life. I dabbled casually in many styles over the years, but went much deeper into my practice in 2016, when I started attending regular aerobics and Zumba classes. I became healthier and happier than ever before, and realized that I wanted to devote more of my life to dance and movement. At the same time, I also began a 200 hour RYT training program with Illumina Yoga and began falling in love with the mental, spiritual and physical benefits of yoga as well. 

After completing my RYT program I began regularly teaching yoga, dance fitness and strength training. I taught for 4 years in Portland, ME before making the move cross country to the “other” Portland at the beginning of 2023. Now that I’m here, I am super excited to continue my dance and fitness journey as part of the Pulse PDX team!


why join me?

I believe that working out should be fun and my main goal is to see a smile on your face! Through high energy playlists, bursts of joyful cardio dance, and yummy stretches at just the moment you most need them, my classes are designed to make you feel good even when you are working hard. 

PulsePDX Teacher Molly