What is your PulsePDX story?

PulsePDX Member Natalie EGrowing up, dancing was a fundamental part of my life. Part of my elementary school education included line dance, square dance, and swing dance, all of which I really enjoyed. I started hip hop/jazz dance class in high school and took a Jazzercise class during that time as well. After moving from California to Portland for college in 2007, it took me a while to find an outlet for movement. I took my first Zumba class in 2013 and loved it! I went to various spots trying out my newfound interest until I took my first class at PulsePDX in early 2019. I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere and incredible energy of the studio! It was truly a lifesaver having virtual classes during Covid, and coming back in person was even sweeter.

How long have you been coming to PulsePDX?

Natalie E

I’ve been coming to PulsePDX for five years now!

What are some of your favorite things about PulsePDX?

I love the atmosphere of the studio. How was I dancing for so long under fluorescent light? It should be illegal. There is nothing like a full class on a Sunday morning; the energy in the room is unparalleled. Everyone in class is so friendly and supportive! I love seeing my fellow dancers on stage and cheering for them. Coming to class will always put me in a better mood. I love the incorporation of current pop hits into our Dance Fitness classes because I am obsessed with pop music. I also always enjoy whatever art show is on display in the lobby.

What do you do when you aren’t dancing with us?

I work as a hairstylist at Pure Salon & Spa on Mississippi Ave. I’ve even had the pleasure of giving haircuts to fellow PulsePDX members! It’s so fun having that connection. In my free time, I love to take analog photos, crochet, cook, watch tv & movies, and hang out with friends. You can often find me snuggled up at home with my cat Milo.