Spotlight on Tiffany L

Tiffany L

PulsePDX has opened up an entire new world for me! Before Pulse I would hang around the surface, never really able to push myself out of my comfort zone. After going to Dance Fitness and Pop Pilates routinely for about a year, I feel as though I have breached the water!

How did you find PulsePDX?

I first found out about Pulse from a dear friend close to my family, Mercedes, who was teaching there at the time. She came to my restaurant and told me I should try it. Me, of course, not wanting to try anything new was like, “yeah, sure” but never actually looked into it.

I own and operate a Caribbean Restaurant in downtown Portland. It’s called Love Belizean and we serve Caribbean Comfort Cuisine (Chicken & Rice). I started as a food truck in 2013, opened my brick and mortar in 2014, and had my beautiful baby girl, Ava, in 2016.  Fast forward 5 years after having a baby and pretty much only getting out to go to work and I realized I was stir crazy. I needed something for me, Tiffany! My husband was very supportive. He was like, “what do you like to do? Dance!!!!” Duh, of course, why don’t I look up that cool night club fitness gym Mercedes mentioned a million years ago? I did and it was a little scary at first but everyone was so kind and I really enjoyed this new found time to myself. 

What role does PulsePDX play in your fitness routine?

So I bought a year membership and have a weekly routine now. I go to Pop Pilates with the lovely Marika or Dance Fitness with the singer, Donnie, on Tuesdays and Danny on Thursdays. Now I also push myself and do the triple on Sundays of WERQ at 8 am followed by Pop and Dance Fitness. Recently they brought back dancing on the stage. It’s been an amazing way for me to come out of my shell. It’s also exhilarating!

What is your favorite thing about PulsePDX

At the Rock the Mansion Event Pulse put on the other night I did a catwalk in a costume contest and I swear I never felt so empowered! Pulse has given me a new Super Power that I never realized I had. Between all the fun dancing, hard core strength building, and the dynamic group of people I’ve been able to surround myself with, I couldn’t be happier.

What do you do when you aren’t dancing with us?

When I’m not at Pulse I’m busy cooking chicken downtown or running my very talented 6 year old around to all her extra curricular activities. For good times I get to go out and have fun with all my new Pulse Friends, who are just the best. I love them and I love Pulse!!!!