PulsePDX Teacher Ginny


Ginny K.

I currently teach Gentle Stretch & Mobility, sub BURN, and take Zumba classes! I’m “retired” from teaching POP Pilates but you *might* find me occasionally subbing one of these classes! When not teaching or dancing I’m just walking around smiling, soaking in the good vibes.



all of it

You can focus on The Fitness Trifecta (cardio, strength training and repair) that you get at a gym but in a waaaay more fun, beautiful and inclusive environment. The positive energy is infectious, the community support is strong, and the variety and quality of classes and instructors is top-notch. There is magic brewing within the walls at Pulse!


how I got started

Health and Fitness have always been top priorities in my life. I was a gymnast in my early teens and throughout my life have enjoyed a variety of exercise formats and was a diligent gym rat for years. After practicing yoga for a few years, I wanted to do more of a deep dive into my practice and maybe share the benefits with friends and loved ones. I pursued a teaching certification in 2008 and have been happily leading public and private classes in Portland ever since. After catching the Zumba bug years ago, I began taking classes during the very early beginnings of Pulse and have loved being part of the Pulse Family. I fell in love with POP Pilates in its infancy, became an instructor and taught at Pulse for several years. Guiding people in a yoga or fitness class has been the most fulfilling “Job” I’ve ever had. Yoga, Hiking, Strength Training and Stand Up Paddle Boarding (my biggest passion) are all in my own mental and physical wellness wheelhouse currently.


why join me?

If you have struggled with finding the perfect place to achieve and keep on track with all your health goals, come take a class and feel the magic! It might be (probably is) exactly what you’ve been looking for!

PulsePDX Teacher Ginny

what students say

Wow, what a treat on a Monday night. My body feels like a limp noodle in the best way. The perfect wind down after Zumba. I never looked forward to working out until I found Pulse. Thanks, Ginny!

-Shannon C