PulsePDX Biz Owner Jennifer


Jennifer N.

As the owner, I handle all of the pieces that keep a small business running: scheduling, planning, organizing, and lots of problem solving! My great joy, though, is teaching. I teach: Zumba, Low Impact Dance Fitness, Burn – Resistance Band Strength Training and MELT Method.



the people

The diversity of our students and the richness of our community! I love that people with very different backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles can all come together in one place and laugh, dance, sweat, and bond together in a way that doesn’t happen any other place that I know of. I have seen many strong friendships form between people that never would have crossed paths or spoken with each other in any other setting.


how I got started

Prior to having my daughter I taught American-Style Ballroom Dance. After an 11-year absence from a dance studio, I wandered into a Zumba class 14 years ago. It was love at first dance! It had all of my favorite things about ballroom: fun music, great moves, and great energy. I knew right away that it was something I needed to teach. After taking the Zumba training, I got AFAA certified and have been adding formats to my resume ever since: Zumba Gold, Burn, Silver and Fit, Pound, Low Impact Dance Fitness and Melt Method.


why join me?

Pulse is a place like no other! Whether you have health goals you are working towards, need a way to relieve some stress, want a supportive community to be a part of, or just want to sneak in quietly and have an hour to yourself, you can get that there in a supportive, kind, and welcoming environment. Plus the classes and teachers are amazing!

PulsePDX Biz Owner Jennifer

what students say

Jennifer is amazing! I would highly recommend classes at Pulse. If you want to support local and get in shape, take a session at Pulse!

-Mark T

what students say


After another full day of sitting, Jennifer fixed me! I need Melt with Jennifer daily! I honestly have never gone from feeling as stiff as I did to Gumby in my life! Bravo and thank you!

-Diana M

what students say


I’m always amazed how Jennifer makes me to follow the routines I do for first time so easily. She is a great instructor.