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Marika M.

Hi, I am Marika Maritz and I teach POP Pilates at PulsePDX. You will also see me subbing for the other POP teachers whenever I can as well as attending other classes such as Dance Fitness, MELT, BURN and more.



all of it

I became a certified POP Pilates Instructor 5 months after finding PulsePDX in August 2016 through the POP Pilates class locater. When I found Pilates and dance combined at a nightclub setting studio, I fell in love and never left! The PulsePDX community helped me overcome a tough period in my life and helped me grow into an evolved, confident being that you can now hardly get off the stage when her favorite song is on. I have always wanted to teach or coach and now I get to do a combination of both as an instructor.


how I got started

I took gymnastics and ballet from the ages of 3 through 7 before switching to
contemporary, or as we called it in South Africa “modern ballet.” As a contemporary student, I was fortunate enough to take Pilates once a week. While doing this, I also took drama lessons for my performance anxiety and to release my unlimited “a-dork-able” energy. The rest is history!


why join me?

My class is geared towards all levels of fitness by offering modifications and options that help you increase and maintain your desired level of fitness. Taking two to three POP Pilates classes a week has helped to physically enable me to be an avid adventurer that loves road-cycling, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and so much more. Taking this class with me will help increase your movement and mobility to handle life’s everyday active tasks and recreation activities like a pro. My little accent and partial South African playlist also helps bring unique twists to things. I keep my classes fun by staying engaging and motivating while balancing it with sufficient instruction.
PulsePDX Teacher Marika

what students say

Amazing workout!

-Class Pass User

what students say


Very friendly and welcoming instructor!

-Class Pass User