PulsePDX Teacher Sarina


Sarina P.

I will be teaching U-Jam, an urban dance fitness class with hit songs and styles across the globe. It is for all levels and offers level 1 and 2 during the movements to give fitness level options.



the vibe

Pulse feels so beyond different than your typical “gym” setting. It lacks the intimidation often felt in regular gyms, and is always so incredibly fun. My first class at Pulse was such a friendly and warm welcome and I’m so excited to share my love for dance/ fitness and exchange energy with all of you!


how I got started

I grew up in Portland, OR performing on dance teams, training in all genres, competing solo and in teams, and as I improved I started pursuing professional work. By 17, I was booked as a contestant on NBC’s World of Dance, and at the same time was traveling all over the U.S. each weekend as an assistant for top industry choreographers.

Covid lockdowns were tough as a professional dancer with a passion for fitness, and once restrictions started to lift and classes restarted, I found my way to dance fitness classes and fell in love. I realized that instructing dance fitness would allow me to do what I am most passionate about, share it with others who also love dance, and help add physical and emotional benefits to their lives.


why join me?

If you want to feel your confidence grow, and give yourself permission to shine, come take my class!

My class will help all levels improve their dance/ performance skills, as well as getting movement in that just feels like fun.

My extensive dance experience has helped me properly execute these dance fitness moves and I want to share that knowledge. Proper execution in both dance and fitness is so important.

Dance to me is about expression which allows us to feel happiness and confidence, and my goal as an instructor is for you to feel exactly those things in my class.

I can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!