Tickets and More

Tickets and More

All of the online transactions for PulsePDX goes through the secure MindBody website. There are numerous options on that site, so you may want to bookmark it for future reference.

  • Purchase tickets – You can buy tickets for classes and for special events.
  • Reserve a Spot – Classes fill up, so this is a good way to make sure you can get in!
  • Merchandise – We have T-shirts and other branded items that do change out over time.
  • Gift Cards – What better way to introduce a friend to Pulse?

Monthly Memberships

But the absolute best way to get the most value out of Pulse is by becoming a member! We use a model that is similar and price competitive to other gyms and studios in the area. Please note, all monthly memberships are based on a 6-month contract.

Not quite sure you’re ready to make the plunge yet? No problem. A good way to gradually dip your toe in first:

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