Member Spotlight Featuring MJ Anderson!

MJ 2I used to be over 200 pounds.  I took up walking and then running and then sampled a whole lot of other things as well.  The weight started coming off and the muscle started coming on.  It wasn’t until I started focusing on my nutrition that I finially lost the rest of the final 30 pounds though. Its so true what they say about body compisition being 20% gym and 80% nutrition. Now I notice my nutrition is off in my workouts too.  I have less energy during and recover less quickly.

I did Zumba breifly at Vamanos in Vancouver and knew right away it was for me.  Shortly after I became hooked, they closed their doors :(. I was crestfallen.  I loved the high intensity workout that Zumba gave me and that my brain was too preoccupied with the steps and arms and everything to think of anything except what was happening in that moment.  Zumba was, and is, so zen for me! It is impossible to be anywhere but in the moment!

I began complaining to everyone I knew about how much I missed it and asking them where I should go next.  The resounding answer was Pulse.  Three separate friends directed me there (and neither one new the others)  Ginny Kaufman, Brian Wartell, and Loral Sheldan all said you were the best!  When I went to my first class I was hopelessly lost, impressed, and couldn’t wait to come back.  I loved the darkened room, loud music and lack of mirrors.


I take a lot of fitness classes and Pulse is, by far, the most fun I have working out.  All the workouts challenge me mentally. I do not have a dancer background (far from it) and so I am always losing my place and going the wrong way…. but I am also always smiling.  It is amazing to be working so hard and still feel so happy about it.  It also offers an opportunity to let go of any unpleasantness my day brought and start afresh with a new enthusiasm.  Nothing moves energy like moving to music and making vocalizations.  Its just incredible. MJ 1

It also adds a much needed dose of grace and femininity to balance all the more typically male activities I do.  I have been training almost 8 years as a boxer.  I recently started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I hope to compete in both someday soon. I also love lifting, hiking and running.  Zumba has taught me a lot about how to switch between masculine and feminine energies as a situation requires.

When I am not working out, I run a doggie daycare, dog walking and pet sitting business. I live on the bank of the Washougal river with my extremely handsome husband and our hillarious teenager.  Our oldest is moved out now but she brings my grandson over frequently to BBQ and float down the river on intertubes!   We surround ourselves with animals.  A beautiful dog, jerk of a cat, and 4 ducks.  Despite my husbands sensible protests, one day soon, I am hoping to add goats to the mix.

MJ 3               10551572_852484351429487_7987073030314176748_o


PulsePDX Gallery Featuring “Urbanscapes”

buy erythromycin topical solution usp 2 URBANSCAPES
Beth Kerschen, Anthony Papini, Scott Erwert, Ben Friedle

Pulse PDX gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition of artwork by 4 artists using the shared visual vocabulary of the urban landscape. While each artist has a unique point of view, their combined works hold together as a theme through their use of similar elements: explorative looseness, expressive color and texture, and a shared interest in the urban environments that surround them.

Show runs from May 30 – July 28, Opening Reception on Saturday, May 30 at 7:00pm.

About the artists:

buy cheap Topiramate Beth Kerschen blends architecture, urban details and fleeting moments to tell a richly layered story. Her collaged photo etchings remind us of the urban expression of a city: historic buildings, unique skylines, restored vintage signage, or an oddly painted door. Her work captures this humanity of the urban landscape. For her etchings, Beth use a polymer photogravure technique to translate photographic elements into printed form wherein several plates are combined into a single scene. The composite scenes build a narrative that represents how she experiences the world in an attempt to create a feeling of nostalgia, permanence and personality. Anthony Papini was born in Sacramento, California in 1983. A prolific painter, Anthony’s work has been exhibited in San Francisco at Rollup Gallery, Mojie Gallery and Bocchus Gallery. He is represented in the permanent Collection at the J. David Gladstone Institutes where his painting is displayed with the works of Wayne Thiebaud. In 2011 Anthony completed a painting a day for the entire year. He has been coined as “The Painter of Traffic”.

Ben Friedle is a NY native, living in Portland, who creates natural and industrial landscapes with an expressive use of oil paints, mediums and color. He began painting in 1999 after spending a summer in Moscow and being deeply moved by the abundance of master works in every genre of art. Most comfortable on larger canvases Ben applies rhythm to the brush strokes that you can hear and see. His pieces for this show were painted as a series, where each session was a rapid sprint of freeform painting over multiple applications, without agonizing over the movements. This spirit of expression is rooted in the appreciation for improvisation, originality and musicianship. Our desire for both abundance and pristine landscapes is a paradox. Ben plans to conquer apathy with art.

nhs prednisolone 5mg uk Scott Erwert is a native Oregonian who lives and works in Portland. As a current member of North Coast Seed studios, he has worked and exhibited all along the West Coast, including: SFMOMA gallery, Gallery One Embarcadero, Oakland Museum of California, Ghetto Gourmet art events, CAP Art Auction, Star Wars Celebration, Comic and Pop conventions nationwide, Multnomah Arts Center, as well as various galleries and event spaces throughout Portland. He has instructed painting events at Portland Art Museum with Bottle and Bottega, and his artwork has been published by Abrams Books, Del Rey, Random House, Scholastic and Lucasfilm. Drawing on two decades of experience, his work meshes classic education and a respect of art history, with personal innovation and discovery of the world around him.

Portland Tribune Article from May 5, 2015

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